Sony’s In Worse Shape Than I Thought

Apple Can Restore Sony’s Groove With Mega-Merger: William Pesek

This article posits a possible acquisition of Sony by Apple. Frankly, I don’t think Steve Jobs would want that headache (even though I think he could dramatically transform that company in five years).

Here’s the bit that jumped out at me:

After 2 1/2 years with Howard Stringer as the firm’s first foreign boss, Sony is now worth about a third of its market value at the start of the decade.


Even worse:

Sony is having trouble getting its groove back. Even after falling amid subprime-loan turmoil in markets, Apple’s market value is $107 billion to Sony’s $44 billion. Operating margins really tell the story. Sony’s was 0.86 percent at the end of March 2007 versus 2.48 percent in 2003. Apple’s was 18.37 percent at the end of September versus 0.40 percent in 2003.

Ken Kutaragi, your time to strike is approaching! Patience, Sensei. Get the cheaper PS3 out there first to gut XboX and dent the Wii. Then you can get rid of the gaijin Stringer and the throne will be yours!

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