What’s This About Bill Bryson Then?

The bugger has apparently fled America again for England and gotten a position with a regular paycheck!

Author to record promo podcasts
Best-selling US author Bill Bryson is to record three podcasts praising the beauty of Teesdale.

Dr Bryson, Chancellor of Durham University

That’s a neat trick. Why settle for a professorship, mingling with icky and disrespectful students who can’t spell? Go straight to the top of the pile, with a job that only demands meeting fretful and/or rich parents from time to time. And with the fringe benefit of being able to boss around those writing professors who long to live off their weekend mystery novel writing royalties! How’d he get himself that Doctor title?

I can see him really lording that over people:

Bryson: “Hello, there. I’m The Doctor.”

Parent: “Who?”

Bryson: “No, not that one.”

And what’s this he’s got his thumb in now? Let’s see:

Dr Bryson, Chancellor of Durham University, will soon be heard talking about the region through the recorded messages to be put online.

He’s got a bit of a slog there. I went to the Discover Teesdale website and found it with some cobwebs:

Eat Teesdale Lamb this Christmas
Forget turkey – make it Teesdale lamb this Christmas. Link to Eat Teesdale to see where to order yours now.

Er, it’s moving on to Easter time, lads! It makes me wonder if we won’t have these podcasts until next year!

In the meantime, go get his last this book, which I wrote about here.

He has a YouTube trailer too:

Both Sony Connect and the Kindle Store have him in ebook editions.


Bill Bryson website
Bill Bryson BBC News Profile
Bill Bryson wikipedia entry

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2 Comments on “What’s This About Bill Bryson Then?”

  1. bob Says:

    That isn’t his latest book!

  2. mikecane Says:

    It was the last book I knew of. And I put that there based on his website. But I see he has a new one or two since, with one also coming. I will correct. Thanks for pointing it out.

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