World War II: Exercise Tiger

Suppressed history I’m just learning about, triggered by this article:


The bodies of dead US soldiers and sailors, victims of the infamous Exercise Tiger training disaster, are almost certainly buried in unmarked graves somewhere in the South Hams, the author of the latest book on the wartime tragedy has claimed.

Rumours of mass graves near the Slapton Line beach training grounds have circulated for 20 years, but have always been denied by US and British officials.But author Richard Bass says an aerial survey he and a colleague carried out show signs of a grave site a few miles from the sea near Dartmouth.

And he believes some of the bodies may still be there.

“There were mass burials and there may well be a few bodies remaining, perhaps a dozen or more,” he said.

But he said the aerial survey had shown evidence of a grave site.

Mr Bass, who has spent seven years painstakingly going through old US archives and talking to survivors of the 1944 tragedy, also claims the Exercise Tiger death toll was far greater than anyone has so far admitted to.

God rest their souls.


Exercise Tiger wikipedia entry

TIGER… The LST’s Finest Hour
Exercise Tiger: The Army’s Best Kept Secret

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