Thank You, Heath Ledger

I came across a film called Two Hands, from Australia.


It starred Heath Ledger, so I decided to watch it.


It was one of the most brilliant films I’ve ever seen.


Written and directed by Gregor Jordan, it’s what movies used to and are supposed to be: surprising, funny, tragic, and true to life as we would like it to be.

There’s not one false note in the movie. Not one bad performance. Everything is absolutely perfect. If most movies were like this, I’d be going to see them in the theater!

Although I’ve provided a link to its Internet Movie Database entry, do yourself a favor and do not read anything about it. Just hop onto the website of your favorite DVD vendor and buy it now. Do it without knowing anything about the story. Let it surprise you as it surprised me.

If you’re a writer: buy this film now. It’s one of the best scripts I’ve ever seen. It will stun you.

I predict that a cult will grow up around Heath Ledger, as one did for James Dean. He is in that league and that kind of actor. It’s a huge tragedy that we won’t see more of him other than the few films waiting for finishing and release.


It’s a shame I was introduced to his work only because of his recent death.

I can only say, too late: Thank you, Heath Ledger.

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