What If The iPhone/Touch SDK Is Delayed?

I’ve nicknamed the SDK for the iPhone and iPod Touch the “iSDK.”

At the article, What happens AFTER Apple releases the SDK — smooth sailing or traffic jam?, there are some interesting points of speculation about the iSDK.

One of these is:

5. Apple tells us it needs more time and delays the SDK for a little while until they get it just right.

My own speculation is that Apple has trimmed Touch and iPhone manufacturing orders because they expect a new Apple product to cannibalize those sales.

But what if it’s really because they expect a drop in sales due to a delayed iSDK?

That would make sense too.

I know there are many, for example, Treo owners out there who haven’t jumped to iPhones because they want third-party apps to appear first. They want the assurance that they won’t lose, for instance, certain PIM capabilities. Or they are using their Treos with a word processing program and are waiting to see if the iPhone will offer/can do that.

If the iSDK is delayed, those potential sales will remain that. Hence, no need to build an inventory for additional projected sales that aren’t going to happen yet.

And let’s be clear here: This affects the Touch too. Because there are Palm PDA owners out there who would also likely switch to the Touch. They don’t need a new cellphone because they already have one. Most likely it’s a dumbphone. And most likely they fear a converged device such as the iPhone (and even the Treo) because they don’t want to use up battery life with non-voice phone use.

So it may very well be that the end of this month will unveil nothing more than the latest revision of MacBooks.

But try as I might, I just can’t believe that.

Apple would have to do something startling and revolutionary to warrant a full-scale press event for a refresh of their notebook line.

I still believe we will see the iPod Air unveiled. And with that happening, I can’t see the iSDK release languishing for several more months. A delayed iSDK would overshadow the excitement of a new product. The press would jump all over the omission: “Hey, new iPod Air. But so what? There won’t be anything new to run on it for X more months. So right now it’s nothing but a bigger iPod. Yawn!”

I don’t think Steve Jobs would permit that.

Do you?

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One Comment on “What If The iPhone/Touch SDK Is Delayed?”

  1. Troy Says:

    I don’t really see the need for a bigger iPod ATM. Nobody’s had the opportunity to push the HVGA form factor yet — I actually see a good year or two of figuring out what this new platform can do, kinda like the Mac profited by two years of Mac 512/Plus goodness before the II came out.

    Complicating matters is that this new platform is ARM while the tablet will probably go x86. Also, the OpenGL tile renderer can work on HVGA but larger screensizes are more taxing.

    Bigger is not better when you are making a pocket-sized device!

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