Writers Guild: Something Stinks

Despite what CrunchGear is reporting, there is no solid deal to end the Writers Guild of America strike.

I’ve looked over the PDF that’s on the Net that outlines the basic offer.

Something about it really, really stinks, but I can’t get a hold of what it is.

One thing I can say as someone who’s been under the thumb of book contracts:

Separated Rights: Creators of original new media material are protected as follows:

(2) If you write original material for an Internet program and the Company wants to use it for a TV series or feature film to be written by someone else, the Company must purchase rights from you. The Company may acquire the rights at any time, but separate compensation must be paid. If you want to sell those rights to another studio, the Company has a right of first refusal.

Emphasis added by me.

Put a strong time limit on that! I was personally hung by the balls by that clause in one of my contracts. It had no time limit explicitly stipulated and the publisher really screwed me with it. They’ll screw you that way too!

My advice: Give them fourteen consecutive days. Not fourteen “business” days. Let the bastards work on weekends; you know they do anyway, scheming up new ways of cheating you and others. Don’t let them dick you around and ask for upwards of thirty business days. That could sabotage any interest others have expressed in licensing your rights. (In my heart of hearts, I wouldn’t give anyone more than seven consecutive days to counteroffer.)

Don’t sign a deal all of you will come to regret.

Don’t flush away all the time you’ve invested in this strike!

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