CeBit: The Return Of The Selection?

Oh the Germans will know what I mean by that headline!

Tam is pointing out that those who do online coverage are being given different badges than the alleged “regular” press for this year’s CeBit.

CeBit press department discriminates bloggers/online mediums…once again

He contrasts the badge he got last year …


… with the one he’s gotten this year:


This happened at the recent CES too.

It will be interesting to see what this actually means once Tam is at CeBit. Will there be facilities separate from the dinosaur press? Will it be second-class facilities? What about having access to press events scheduled by exhibitors?

Personally, this designation wouldn’t bother me a bit (in those very rare times I’d actually go one of these nasty events). Any exhibitor with a brain knows that the real and best word gets out on the Net — and not in ink and not really by TV, either. So I’d expect an exhibitor to treat a Net correspondent no differently than the dinosaur press — if not actually better.

Besides, we all know that the dying dinosaur press turns to competing coverage on the Net to fact-check.

Well, that’s when they bother with facts.

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