She Will Kill Herself In Less Than 90 Days From Now

90 Day Jane
I’m Going to Kill Myself in 90 Days

I am going to kill myself in 90 days. What else should i say? This blog is not a cry for help or even to get attention. It’s simply a public record of my last 90 days in existence.

It’s a free Blogger blog.

Probably in deep violation of the TOS.

Expect it to go away before she does.

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2 Comments on “She Will Kill Herself In Less Than 90 Days From Now”

  1. 90 day jayne Says:

    The only way to die is surrounded by dead Reaver body parts that you’ve blown off with your chrobus phase rifle.

  2. mikecane Says:

    Hey there, Jayne. I sure hope there’s gonna be another Firefly movie. I don’t know how that could rightly be, but Whedon’s the man and he’ll reckon it out.

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