They Haven’t Suffered Enough

Will the [Crappy] WGA Deal Go Down?
Don’t be surprised if writers revolt over this one

I heard smart arguments, and I heard nonsensical arguments (like that of the bigtime agent who described the TV show runners as “the plantation owners” and the TV writers who worked for them as “the cotton pickers, who should just damn well be grateful they have health and pension and get back to work already”).

Emphasis added by me.

Some of you think I’ve exaggerated the contempt writers are held in.

Here is some schmuck — who probably has a wonderful wardrobe — who creates nothing, who is nothing but a buttinski, a leech, a parasite, a hemorrhoid on the ass of creativity, a cancer on two legs, and you see how much value he has for writers.

That is how it is.

And now let me say how it should be: Writers Guild, take that agreement and tell them to shove it. It stinks. Continue the strike and break the bastards.

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