Don’t Be An iSucker

The iPod Music Money Scam

The same groups responsible for the “Movie Downloads” scam are connected to the “Get iPod Music” scam – being that the same stealth company runs both. This is often identifiable in the signup pages from each.

People fall for this stuff all the time.

They not only do it for music and video, they do it for pr0n too. (Trust me on that last one; there is more legally-free pr0n out there than you have years of life available to view it.)

— from touchtip

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One Comment on “Don’t Be An iSucker”

  1. sharky Says:

    Thanks for the nice words! I like that – “iSucker”. Wish I’d thought of that!

    Great blog you got here!

    —Cheers, Sharky

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