What Country Is This Again?

Woman Calls Police for Help, Gets Violently Strip Searched
The victim was kept in a cell for six hours, was not allowed to make a phone call or to get medical assistance for cuts and bruises she received.

Quote 1:

Hope Steffey’s night started with a call to police for help. It ended with her face down, naked, and sobbing on a jail cell floor.

Quote 2:

When you’re finished watching the video of the strip search, go ask your favorite candidate of “hope” and “change” and all those other lies just exactly what he or she is going to do to end this rising nightmare of an authoritarian state.

She is, of course, suing. How I would like to be on that jury.

Go see the video. Get mad.

Update: The video has since made its way to YouTube. I can now embed it here. Watch it!

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