Self-Published Ebook = DIY Or Vanity?

Indie Publishing: Some Thoughts

There’s a pretty interesting discussion going on in list serve world regarding small presses, independent presses, and self publishing. This last item really is the sorest point of contention, given the apparent stigma of “vanity publishing.” I don’t know so much what the difference is between “vanity publishing” and doing DIY. IS there a difference? How is each term defined?

One point being discussed is publishing houses and prestige, and under what circumstances is it important to be published by a prestigious publisher.

This subject is going to grow in importance as ebook sales increase.

Let me just say that I was published by a “prestigious” publisher and had contact with several others. I would have traded that “prestige” for a publisher with ethics and a publicity department that knew how to market.

I think writers are going to start to realize the only way not to get screwed is to go the DIY route. Having a hit that way will force publishers to accede to a writer’s licensing terms. The conventional route is indentured servitude and just about guaranteed failure.

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