Writers Guild Strike: End Notes

Why I Feel Good About What We Won
Strike Notes from a Screenwriter

Women played an especially important part in the strike as captains, coordinators, pickets etc. That’s a whole article in itself.

Really, those two sentences brutally summarize the low awareness-level of that column. Next!

A New York Times reporter turned the Hollywood writers strike into a battle between good and evil. But was it true? David Blum doesn’t think so.

For the previous three months, Cieply—the Los Angeles–based New York Times reporter covering the strike by the Writers Guild of America against the Hollywood studios—had been watching with increased disgust as the union failed to see the error of its ways. In Cieply’s view, the chief WGA negotiators had taken an excessively hard line on its demands, showing a lack of understanding of how Hollywood was supposed to work. He was annoyed by the strong-arm tactics of the union’s West Coast executive director, David Young, and the seeming intransigence of the WGA’s leadership in the face of management’s clear willingness to compromise.

Why couldn’t these labor leaders see how close they were to a deal? All they needed to do was to play ball with management. Executives like Peter Chernin (chairman and CEO of Fox) and Robert Iger (president and CEO of Disney) were reasonable men; he knew that, he talked to them all the time (off the record, of course), they wanted a peaceful resolution to the standoff and were prepared to give up some ground—provided the union was willing to stop making some of its unrealistic demands. Cieply [pronounced SIP-lee] had originally thought more highly of WGA West president Patric Verrone, but he was starting to wonder whether he or his colleagues truly understood the Hollywood way of working things out.

Whoa! A long article that deconstructs the New York Times’ coverage of the strike. Could Cieply’s make-believe reporting have demoralized the Writers Guild, weakened its resolve and bargaining position?

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