Oprah, Get A Sony Reader!


Oprah’s fans downloaded OVER A MILLION COPIES of the Suze Orman free ebook, Women and Money!

Oprah Winfrey plug makes business book, ‘Women & Money,’ a Web sensation

NEW YORK (AP) – The Oprah touch doesn’t just work for traditional books.

More than 1 million copies of Suze Orman’s ”Women & Money” have been downloaded since the announcement last week on Winfrey’s television show that the e-book edition would be available for free on her Web site, http://www.oprah.com.

”I believe ‘Women & Money’ is the most important book I’ve ever written,” Orman said in a statement released Saturday by Winfrey. ”So this was not about getting people to buy the book, but getting them to read it, and that was the intention behind this offer.”

According to Saturday’s statement, more than 1.1 million copies of Orman’s financial advice book were downloaded in English, and another 19,000 in Spanish. The demand compares to such free online sensations as ”The 9-11 Commission Report,” which the federal government made available for downloads, and Stephen King’s e-novella, ”Riding the Bullet.”

Now, Oprah, if someone from your staff happens to read this, I have something to say to you.

You’ve probably heard a lot about the Amazon Kindle for ebooks.

Forget that.

What you just offered your fans is a PDF file. Your fans are now stuck at their desktop PCs reading it. They would probably like to be able to take that ebook with them, like any printed book.

I have it on very good authority that the new software Sony has been working on for its Sony Reader does an excellent job of letting people read that ebook!

This is what the Sony Reader looks like:


It’s a clean design. The buttons cannot be pressed accidentally. It’s probably much lighter than the printed version of Suze Orman’s book too!

Now, it doesn’t allow people to order books over-the-air like the Kindle. But people already have that free PDF ebook on their computers. The Kindle could not retrieve it wirelessly. It needs a cable, just like the Sony Reader. The Sony Reader has a better screen. And Sony has just launched short stories for it too. So why not also recommend the best ebook reader to your viewers for that Suze Orman ebook? — the Sony Reader!

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