Some More CloudBook Notes

Laptop Magazine continues its series about the CloudBook.

Meanwhile, someone waiting for his has issued a challenge to Laptop Magazine.

Someone actually got one.

So has the Wired blog, which posted unboxing pr0n. And then did a quick first-look of it along with a Sony unit.

Here’s a possible caution for future CloudBook owners: PROBLEM: Corruption problems in pata_via for Via NanoBook owners (Cloudbook, EasyNote XS etc.) Here are all posts on that subject. (I hope the OS dev or Everex has that fixed.)

And the Times of London has a report about a £99 subnotebook. More details from jkkmobile.

Lastly, hp has a subnotebook in the wings. And I must agree with the headline of the Wired blog: HP 2133 Is What We Really Wanted The MacBook Air To Be. They also ask:

$400 or $1,400?

An apparent insider posting to JK on the Run says it’s to compete against the EeePC! I hope that means on price, not simply size.

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One Comment on “Some More CloudBook Notes”

  1. […] know what you’re wondering…now that I’ve apparently somehow “challenged” Laptopmag in my last post. Wasn’t what I intended really, I wasn’t out to disprove everything […]

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