Steve Jobs: Invite Me! Me! MEEEE!!!!


Apple taps Linkin Park to perform at “secret” NYC event

It’s unclear whether this “secret” New York City event has anything to do with a an Apple product event rumored to take place during the final week of the month. The company, however, has yet to issue any form of invitation or acknowledgment of such an event, suggesting one is increasingly unlikely during that timeframe.

Maybe for all you California-based techmemers (I hope the TSA makes your plane trips hell too!). But I’m just a ferry-ride away!

Let me be the first to fondle the iPod Air, Steve!!!

Update: Being absorbed in other things, it’s just today (Feb 21) I find out Linkin Park did a secret midnight show at the Apple Soho Store as part of some contest conclusion. But Steve could still invite me to a California debut of the iPod Air. Except he’d also have to furnish the plane tickets. Ha!

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