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ABBA!!! As Puppets, Baby!

February 20, 2008

Dig it!

Turn up those speakers!

There’s Always More To Read. Always.

February 20, 2008


So, this being the internet and all, there are frequent discussions about the relentless advancement of technology, and how it betters life for everyone. How newer processes and devices eliminate wasteful and difficult older methods, providing a higher quality of life for everyone. Right? This is how every discussion of new technology goes, right?

Lots of good observations there. I liked this bit:

Also, simple skills that have died off tragically due to advancing technology.

Learning how to use a coal bed warmer.

Learning how to bury your infant sister because she died of smallpox.

Using the center of town near the well to bury your dead.

Using a cut-quill pen.

Learning how to kill the lame so they don’t slow you down when the buffalo come.

Is there some way we can revive that last skill?

All from a blog with a clever name. Simplicity is Clarity: Mostly cursewords and ad hominem attacks on technology

You can blame John Scalzi. I found that in his open pimpage thread.

Sliding Friction: A Free PDF

February 20, 2008

Sliding Friction: The Harmonious Jungle of Contemporary Cities

Fabien and I finally manage to release a near future laboratory project: Sliding Friction: The Harmonious Jungle of Contemporary Cities, a booklet that assembles photos and annotations we took here and there along our dérive through the many cities we lived in and visited. Sliding Friction is an attempt to showcase the curious aspects of contemporary urban spaces. Through 15 topics and 4 themes we focus our lenses on the sparkles generated by the many frictions between ideas, practices and infrastructures that populate cities. We hope to provide some raw food for thoughts to consider the city of the future. Do we want to mitigate, or even eliminate these frictions?

This is from a blog called Pasta&Vinegar: mind/tech bazar from outer space that’s filled with hi-IQ material.

Look at Wizkid: a computer with a neck and Recursive affordances.

And dear God: On the Effectiveness of Aluminum Foil Helmets and possibly the WTF of the week: Kid book about why owning a server.

Things Happen In The Rest Of The World Too

February 20, 2008

Edison Chen photo scandal — wikipedia entry

This is apparently ginormous news.

hp: Give Us XP For The 2133!

February 20, 2008

Looking at the leaked partial spec sheet, I’m still puzzled as to why hp will be offering just two OSes: Linux and Windows Vista.

Why not XP? XP is what most people want. XP is what most people will wind up putting on it anyway. Why not save us all that trouble?

Could there be any technical reason why XP would not work or perform well on it?

If you don’t believe me, hp, see what one of your old-school ardent fans has to say about this:

Sadder still is that the Compaq 2133 is rumored to come with either Windows Vista or Linux, not Windows XP. Windows Vista is only slightly better than the OmniBook’s Windows 3.1.

Emphasis added by me.

Why saddle a sexy new product with Vista FAIL? Why speedbump our joy in using it by first making us strip off Vista (or even Linux, if that configuration costs less!) and struggle with installing XP?

I hope someone from hp is paying attention to all the excitement this leak has generated!

And I hope they do some sort of announcement soon. Hey, even another leak would be welcome!

So far, it’s unclear if this is arriving in April or late 2008. And whether it will have one of those new Intel chips or a new AMD chip or a new VIA chip.

I don’t want to wind up buying an Everex CloudBook only to suffer deep deep deep regret a few weeks later!

And hey, hp, another reason to speed things up: Next week will Apple announce the “iSDK” and perhaps an iPod Air too?

WTF Is Up With Techmeme?

February 20, 2008


First I’m linked to, then I’m ignored, then apparently blacklisted, now I’m linked to again.

Reference: Subnotebook Dimensions

February 20, 2008

Update: New post here.

hp Omnibook 300 – source: hp Omnbook Archive
11.1″ x 6.4″ x 1.4″ – 2.998 lbs

hp 2133 – source: EeeUser forum
10.2″ x 7.4″ x ?.?” – 2.5 lbs (?)

Palm Foleo
10.55″ x 6.67″ x .94″ – 2.5 lbs

Asus Eee
8.86″ x 6.30″ x 0.79-1.26″ – 2.0 lbs

Everex CloudBook
9.06″ x 6.73″ x 1.16″ – 2.0 lbs

Fujitsu LifeBook P1610/P1620
9.13″ x 6.57″ x 1.36″ – 2.2 lbs

MacBook Air
12.8″ x 8.94″ x 0.16-0.76″ – 3.0 lbs

Note: Bookmark this post in case changes are required.

Why don’t vendors list these specs in easy-to-find places? And while I’m complaining, shouldn’t wikipedia be the place to store information like this for research purposes? Along with free-to-use pictures of all sides and orientations of units?

XO and Asus EeePC: Comparing Size, Keyboards & Screens – Updated
P1610 vs Asus eeePC size

hp: The 2133 Needs A Slick Name!

February 20, 2008

Man, the entire Internet is in HyperOverDrive Lust Mode over the hp 2133. Over at Engadget, someone commented:

I’m humping my screen right now!


OK, but that’s how it is.

But frankly, that 2133 designation stinks. I just know everyone will be going into stores asking, “Do you have that new small hp notebook?”

Really, hp, can you imagine Steve Jobs calling it the MacBook 2133 instead of the MacBook Air?

Here are my suggestions:

Skybase (although that might run into a Gerry Anderson trademark)

Let’s have a contest! The prize is that if hp uses the name you’ve chosen, you get to whine at hp to send you a free one. Other than that, no prize (no, not even a Marvel No-Prize!).

Leave your comments with suggestions and let’s help kill that awful 2133 name!

hp 2133 Vs. Palm Foleo

February 20, 2008

Over at JK on the Run, speculation is raging about the new lust-a-licious hp 2133 subnotebook that’s going to jump into the market created by the Asus EeePC and the Everex CloudBook.

I’ve decided to do my bit by comparing top views of the Palm Foleo and the hp 2133.

Note that I had to do this just with Photo Toolkit and MS Paint, so the dimensions are not precise. PhotoShop wizards, feel free to grab that, line up the side edges of their screens, and give it back to me via email. I’ll give you a credit and, if needed, a link too. Update: No, don’t do that. The hp has a 8.9-inch screen versus the Foleo’s 10-inch screen, so lining them up would make matters worse. Just be content comparing the rows of keys.


I Take Time Out To Torment James Kendrick

February 20, 2008


HTC announces the HTC Advantage Glandular.

(I lie!)

— photo swiped from So-Geek.