hp: Give Us XP For The 2133!

Looking at the leaked partial spec sheet, I’m still puzzled as to why hp will be offering just two OSes: Linux and Windows Vista.

Why not XP? XP is what most people want. XP is what most people will wind up putting on it anyway. Why not save us all that trouble?

Could there be any technical reason why XP would not work or perform well on it?

If you don’t believe me, hp, see what one of your old-school ardent fans has to say about this:

Sadder still is that the Compaq 2133 is rumored to come with either Windows Vista or Linux, not Windows XP. Windows Vista is only slightly better than the OmniBook’s Windows 3.1.

Emphasis added by me.

Why saddle a sexy new product with Vista FAIL? Why speedbump our joy in using it by first making us strip off Vista (or even Linux, if that configuration costs less!) and struggle with installing XP?

I hope someone from hp is paying attention to all the excitement this leak has generated!

And I hope they do some sort of announcement soon. Hey, even another leak would be welcome!

So far, it’s unclear if this is arriving in April or late 2008. And whether it will have one of those new Intel chips or a new AMD chip or a new VIA chip.

I don’t want to wind up buying an Everex CloudBook only to suffer deep deep deep regret a few weeks later!

And hey, hp, another reason to speed things up: Next week will Apple announce the “iSDK” and perhaps an iPod Air too?

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