hp: The 2133 Needs A Slick Name!

Man, the entire Internet is in HyperOverDrive Lust Mode over the hp 2133. Over at Engadget, someone commented:

I’m humping my screen right now!


OK, but that’s how it is.

But frankly, that 2133 designation stinks. I just know everyone will be going into stores asking, “Do you have that new small hp notebook?”

Really, hp, can you imagine Steve Jobs calling it the MacBook 2133 instead of the MacBook Air?

Here are my suggestions:

Skybase (although that might run into a Gerry Anderson trademark)

Let’s have a contest! The prize is that if hp uses the name you’ve chosen, you get to whine at hp to send you a free one. Other than that, no prize (no, not even a Marvel No-Prize!).

Leave your comments with suggestions and let’s help kill that awful 2133 name!

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