Sliding Friction: A Free PDF

Sliding Friction: The Harmonious Jungle of Contemporary Cities

Fabien and I finally manage to release a near future laboratory project: Sliding Friction: The Harmonious Jungle of Contemporary Cities, a booklet that assembles photos and annotations we took here and there along our dérive through the many cities we lived in and visited. Sliding Friction is an attempt to showcase the curious aspects of contemporary urban spaces. Through 15 topics and 4 themes we focus our lenses on the sparkles generated by the many frictions between ideas, practices and infrastructures that populate cities. We hope to provide some raw food for thoughts to consider the city of the future. Do we want to mitigate, or even eliminate these frictions?

This is from a blog called Pasta&Vinegar: mind/tech bazar from outer space that’s filled with hi-IQ material.

Look at Wizkid: a computer with a neck and Recursive affordances.

And dear God: On the Effectiveness of Aluminum Foil Helmets and possibly the WTF of the week: Kid book about why owning a server.

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