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So, this being the internet and all, there are frequent discussions about the relentless advancement of technology, and how it betters life for everyone. How newer processes and devices eliminate wasteful and difficult older methods, providing a higher quality of life for everyone. Right? This is how every discussion of new technology goes, right?

Lots of good observations there. I liked this bit:

Also, simple skills that have died off tragically due to advancing technology.

Learning how to use a coal bed warmer.

Learning how to bury your infant sister because she died of smallpox.

Using the center of town near the well to bury your dead.

Using a cut-quill pen.

Learning how to kill the lame so they don’t slow you down when the buffalo come.

Is there some way we can revive that last skill?

All from a blog with a clever name. Simplicity is Clarity: Mostly cursewords and ad hominem attacks on technology

You can blame John Scalzi. I found that in his open pimpage thread.

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