Statin Drugs: Survey

Statin Effects Study


The UCSD Statin Study group, headed by Beatrice A. Golomb, MD, PhD, has actively been researching statin medications and their risk-benefit balance, including possible side effects. We believe it is important to understand all of the benefits and adverse events of statins. Accordingly, our work is geared towards expanding knowledge of the impact of statins in order to better inform the public and the medical community.

While many physicians (and experts in heart disease and cholesterol) are familiar with the benefits of statins, they are often unfamiliar with the adverse experiences that many people have reported. These include: muscle pain, muscle weakness, fatigue, peripheral neuropathy, memory/thinking problems, and mood/personality changes among other symptoms.

Previously, we conducted a “randomized controlled trial” of persons living in San Diego, examining effects of low dose statins on thinking, mood, behavior, and quality of life. This study was funded by the National Institutes of Health. Analysis and study reports of our randomized trial are ongoing.

We are currently undertaking a separate, observational study, The Statin Effects Study. We are interested in the experiences of people presently or formerly on statins, who have noticed any side effects (or benefits) while on these drugs. We are also interested in hearing from people who did not notice any change in order to to help identify characteristics that may predict risks and benefits while on statins.

Take the survey if you’re on, or have been on, a statin drug. I just did.

If you know someone on such a drug, tell them about the survey.

If you don’t trust doing it over the Internet, the survey can be mailed to you in paper format.

The more people participate, the more of an impact we can have to persuade government and manufacturers to add dangerous mental effects to the warning labels of these drugs.

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2 Comments on “Statin Drugs: Survey”

  1. Lesley Says:

    I suspect strongly that people who took part in other surveys and reported adverse effects of statins, such as myself, are now looking for answers, rather than yet another survey. Is it possible for you to publish ‘to date’ interim data on your survey mentioned above?

    The UCSD statins study (which I took part in) seems (to date) to have published only vague or favourable results. For example, in correspondence with the survey, I was told that hypertension could also be an adverse effect of statins, yet all that I have been able to discover is the study’s findings of a modest lowering, a positive finding that is not justaposed with its opposite. I find it odd that this study has nothing definite to say about any negative finding to date. Sincerely, Lesley

  2. mikecane Says:

    I don’t have any connection with the survey. I suggest you email them.

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