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How To Spot A Time Traveler

February 23, 2008

They have to do something like this because, really, how else are they going to get money to survive and it wouldn’t be hard to bum a few cents off any group of strangers.

Wal-Mart Does Not/Does Have CloudBook In

February 23, 2008

As of app 8:20PM EST, if I go here, I see this:


But if I click there, I see this:


Larger pertinent bit:


Update: Gah. Apparently it’s been that way since yesterday. This is what happens when I do things other than tech here. I fall behind on tech stuff. Well, at least I can say it’s still there a day later!

Apple “iSDK” Late?

February 23, 2008

The iPhone SDK Will Be Late

Someone else beat them to it: What If The iPhone/Touch SDK Is Delayed? — that’s my post from over two weeks ago, but based on a thought from someone else’s post.

I guess BusinessWeek is wondering why it hasn’t gotten some sort of iSDK press event invite.

Apple made its deadline for the iPhone. Maybe the iSDK release will be as a download within the deadline period and then some sort of formal event to follow?

Why Do People Catch Up To Me Later?

February 23, 2008

Today at CNet: Digital downloads will be Blu-ray’s downfall

Here two days ago: FAIL: Sony Spent $3B To Kill HD-DVD

CNet even mentions FIOS!

Any Month Now, The Real Final Death Of Palm

February 23, 2008

Palm Infocenter brings news of the final nail in Palm’s coffin: StyleTap Coming to the Apple iPhone / iPod Touch?

StyleTap is a PalmOS emulator that runs on other platforms, such as Windows Mobile.

There’s a video over at PIC. Seeing it run on an iPhone is just incredible.

It will let me dismiss Palm the company from my mind after:

1) I have an iPhone

2) StyleTap is available for it

And Palm, once I’m gone, I am never, ever coming back.

I will enjoy reading word of your death. It is deserved.

Blog Notes: YouTube Overload

February 23, 2008


Once again I’ve managed to put up several YouTube videos onto a page.

When I do that, on my PC at least, not all of them load.

So here’s a tip if that’s happening to you too: Click on the post’s title to load just that post.

Harlan Ellison (Again)

February 23, 2008

Harlan Ellison on Creative Piracy

Harlan Ellison — Pay the Writer


harlan ellison mind fields

Harlan Ellison Mind Fields part 2

Harlan Ellison Mind Fields part 3

There I am in the 1970s, at a college I’m barely able to attend, talking with two people I’d made friends with there. SF/comic/TV/movie nuts like me. And one of them drops the name of Harlan Ellison.


He repeats. And starts with some line about how he must be read.

I can’t recall when I did. But once I did, I was Never The Same.

Harlan Ellison is the first writer who showed me what it meant to be a writer.

And not just a writer, but a writer as a man.

That writing has a dignity — nearly a divinity — about it (well, he would probably disagree with the divinity bit; OK, blame Dennis Potter for that part). All those guys in the suits and ties I was raised to obey and to respect? They didn’t know shit, he said.

And he was right!

I’ve never met him. I did see him once in person at an NYU reading jillions of years ago. I’ve seen him on TV.

And now he’s getting a fraction of his due: A documentary about him.

I’ll see that too.

Thank you, Harlan.

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