Apple “iSDK” Late?

The iPhone SDK Will Be Late

Someone else beat them to it: What If The iPhone/Touch SDK Is Delayed? — that’s my post from over two weeks ago, but based on a thought from someone else’s post.

I guess BusinessWeek is wondering why it hasn’t gotten some sort of iSDK press event invite.

Apple made its deadline for the iPhone. Maybe the iSDK release will be as a download within the deadline period and then some sort of formal event to follow?

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One Comment on “Apple “iSDK” Late?”

  1. Given that Jobs originally touted the iPhone’s Safari javascript / AJAX capability as adequate for supporting third-party developers, I’m expecting that Apple will release SOMETHING in February and call it an SDK, rather than delaying completely. They could release a beta SDK with no way to actually run it on an iPhone yet (a la Google Android), they could release documentation snapshots, or they could just have developers sign up for a mailing list.

    Then again, they might just do a complete launch event on Feb. 26th as the latest rumors have indicated, and release a full SDK. I guess we’ll know in a couple days…

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