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There I am in the 1970s, at a college I’m barely able to attend, talking with two people I’d made friends with there. SF/comic/TV/movie nuts like me. And one of them drops the name of Harlan Ellison.


He repeats. And starts with some line about how he must be read.

I can’t recall when I did. But once I did, I was Never The Same.

Harlan Ellison is the first writer who showed me what it meant to be a writer.

And not just a writer, but a writer as a man.

That writing has a dignity — nearly a divinity — about it (well, he would probably disagree with the divinity bit; OK, blame Dennis Potter for that part). All those guys in the suits and ties I was raised to obey and to respect? They didn’t know shit, he said.

And he was right!

I’ve never met him. I did see him once in person at an NYU reading jillions of years ago. I’ve seen him on TV.

And now he’s getting a fraction of his due: A documentary about him.

I’ll see that too.

Thank you, Harlan.

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