Statin Drugs: More Better!

Some new things to report in my post-statin odyssey:

1) I can breathe to the bottom of my lungs again.

2) I feel in possession of my body again. I used to feel like I was only inhabiting it.

3) Colors have a vibrancy again.

4) I woke up feeling more relaxed than I have in more than two years.

5) There’s a huge difference in my sense of balance. My posture has improved.

6) The background beat of my existence has changed from death-death-death-death … to life-life-life-life.

7) I feel younger.

8) Looking back, I’m shocked at what a twisted, tormented, and tortured thing I had been made into by the drug.

My mind is still far from optimal. I can write a sentence and look at it over and over and wonder if it makes sense or if the tenses are correct. If my grammar is sometimes fractured, well, that’s why. I still can’t properly process some sentences.

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