Now I Can Vote This Year: Nader Is IN!

John McCain: More of the same.

Hillary Clinton: What, I want more of that?

Barack Obama: WTF?! No, really, W? T? F?


Ralph Nader: A true public servant.

You want change? Real change?

Then stop voting for evil under the brand names of Republican and Democrat.

You are simply deluding yourself if you believe that suddenly, out of either party, someone will emerge with a different set of values than those two parties espouse and have stood for over the past three decades. Their values aren’t about to change, nor will their candidates.

Only Nader has a decades-long record of true public service, of actually looking out for us.

He is Change You Can See. He is Change You Can Trust. He is Change Squared, dammit.

Don’t bother wasting your time leaving Comments about how he doesn’t have a chance. He would if you stood up and did your part. Why accept what you’ve been given? Isn’t it time to stop eating shit? I think it is.

This nation faces serious problems. Problems caused the double-named evil. Only someone outside of that framework would have the courage, the vision, and the character to put things right.


I loathe politicians. Aspiring to political office as a career (and don’t kid yourself, they’re all in it for the career perks, especially the health care and pension none of us can have!) automatically strips someone of the terms “decent,” “honest,” and “truthful” in my mind.

I believe that Nader is acting as he has throughout his life. He has seen an egregious action by entrenched power and cannot rest until he agitates to correct it. He is not in this race for himself. He is in this race for us.

And it’s time for us — we who have benefited from his past courage (and that basically means all of us!) — to get in this race for him.

Don’t waste your vote. Don’t filthy yourself in November by yet again giving it to evil.

Vote for Nader. Let’s get America back.

Oh, you didn’t like that video? Good! All the more reason to vote for him. He’s not trying to pull a fast one by being Mister Slick, all Hollywoodized and Consultantized.

When I leave the ballot box this November, I won’t feel unclean.

How about you?

Vote for a human being this election!


Vote Nader 2008 website

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6 Comments on “Now I Can Vote This Year: Nader Is IN!”

  1. mikecane Says:

    Nader will still get my vote. And the votes of people who look at the other candidates and say NFW.

  2. JPL Says:

    Thank you very much for GWB in 2000.

    I’ll just love “Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran” John McCain in 2008 as well.

  3. mikecane Says:

    Vote for Nader and *he* can win.

  4. Troy Says:

    Dude, Nader is so far from winning it’s not even funny. Real progressives are only about 20% of this country, and I think the wingnut right handily outnumber us, not even counting the Christian Fundamentalists which certainly outumber AND outmobilize us.

    At any rate the right can certainly out-media us. Plus the nature of the Electoral College means rural — conservative — states get a built-in 5-10% advantage.

    Even if every single Dem voted for Nader he’d still get plastered by McCain.

  5. WrongWay Says:

    Nader is a lunatic who doesn’t have a chance in hell at winning. Couldn’t you at least promote a real candidate and quit wasting everybody else’s time like Nader does?

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