Chantix Warning

Via email:

I thought I would give you an update on one of your recent postings. We discussed Chantix and mood swings. Although I have not changed my prescribing habits in regards to the drug — being careful to avoid people who are depressed — I thought it only fair to offer to you a few observations noted since our dialogue.

I have recently had 2 patients -both women- who attempted suicide after being started on the drug. Both had injuries that required hospitalization and one of the two required surgery to repair a severed artery and tendons. I was able to look back at their records and notice that indeed both of them had been placed on Chantix about one month before. Incidental note is made that both curtailed their nicotine habit. The cost however was catastrophic.

I would have sent this to your blog, but it would probably have gone unnoticed. And I have not been to your blog in a few weeks due to workload. You may feel free to use the above if you wish. However, again, I must state that Chantix, despite its history as noted above, is still a very good drug for smoking cessation. Screening is the order of the day for most patients.

This is a followup to something I noted earlier: Quitting Smoking Can Make You Die.

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