Happy Birthday, Ralph Nader

The Man Who Should Be President is celebrating the anniversary of his birth today.

His campaign team is asking people to contribute especially on this day.

Here’s the email text (minus in-text links):

Good morning.

Today is Ralph Nader’s birthday.

Tonight, we’d like to present Ralph with one big birthday card.

Inside the card will be the names of his loyal supporters who responded to our Ralph birthday challenge.

So far, 344 of you have responded with over $35,000 in contributions.

We have until 5 p.m. today to drive that number over 500 contributors giving more than $50,000 since Monday.

And then tonight, we’ll print out all of your names and present them to Ralph in a big birthday card.

We like to call our candidate Mr. Frugal.

We’ll use your donations deliberately to help Ralph get on ballots all across the country.

As you know, Ralph is coming under relentless attack for challenging the corporate dominated two party system.

It’s time we all stand with Ralph against the corporate power structure.

Contribute now and say – Happy Birthday Ralph – and thank you for a lifetime dedicated to the public interest.


The Nader Team

(Stage6 and an afternoon appointment caused me to check email late!)

Go to Vote Nader to contribute. You should especially contribute to expiate your future votecrime of choosing Obama, Hillary, or McCain!

And hey you, just because it’s 5PM on the east coat, don’t think you’re off the hook. I expect the team is bright enough to use West Coast Time as the cutoff. Which means you have til 8PM in the east to cough up your guilt payment.

Do it at least to thank Ralph for the seatbelt you have.

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