Stage6: Rare Space:1999 Footage

Update: Stage6 shut down on March 1, 2008.

Just what it says. I don’t own the boxed set yet, but I imagine some of these might be the extras in that set.

There are also several episodes. Matter of Life and Death Force of Life has striking direction. [Ah, my memory is still unreliable.]

Space:1999 features a majestic theme by Barry Gray marred by disco-rock from Sylvia Anderson’s son-in-law, Vic Elms (aka Elmes). Unfortunately, the music budget was limited and in some episodes they resorted to raiding the previous cues Gray had done for other series! Still, some of Barry Gray’s best music is in this series. Space:1999, at least its first season, also has production values that have yet to be exceeded on TV. The sets are breathtaking.

This is available in the U.S. on DVD and I hope this selection of samples will inspire you to purchase the boxed set.

Space:1999 on Stage6

Space:1999 wikipedia entry

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