Stage6: Space Hospital

Update: Stage6 shut down on March 1, 2008. Space Hospital is also on Veoh and YouTube. I recommend Veoh.

Five files worth grabbing — because they are just whacked.

I suppose this was going to be an ongoing series. But it stops suddenly. Too bad. It made me laugh. It will make you laugh too.

See, this is what video on the Net is supposed to be. This has things most Net video lacks: lighting, sound, editing, special effects, directing, writing, and acting.

They put some effort into this. These people are happy nutjobs! And they pull it off!











Take a bow, all of you:






It’s taken me about 5 times longer to do this post than to watch the videos! That’s because I want you to go get it!

If anyone involved in this is reading, please move everything over to Veoh! If you plan on doing more, people can easily subscribe to them. And if you’re not, Veoh is the only service that will allow downloads of the original uploaded file format (say, if you upload MPEG, people can watch it on screen as FLV but when they download, they get the MPEG!).

Space Hospital on Stage6

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3 Comments on “Stage6: Space Hospital”

  1. Gate Says:

    This is a great catch! Thanks!

  2. Wow! It’s so great to know that there are viewers are there. Seriously, thank you for not only watching but praising Space Hospital on your blog. We are, indeed, happy nutjobs who are having a blast exploring the world of Space Hospital. We do have additional episodes coming out, and if you haven’t seen I, Manbot Parts I and II, you can catch them on youtube at We’re really pleased with how the show is finding itself as it goes along, and Rob Poe is doing beautiful work with the visual effects.

    Right now we have at least six more episodes coming out and three short form pieces. Thanks for your thoughts on the advantages of Veoh. I’ll discuss that with Sig and Rob.

    We’re working to build our audience in the next few months and will be trolling Comic-con this July to get the word out, so thanks again for being a fan and helping Space Hospital find its audience.

  3. kazoo Says:

    it’s amazing, isn’t it??? i heard or read somewhere that there are more episodes on the way…i think they do this in their spare time, since most of those involved seem to have other credits, but i’m sure it’s an effort to get these done so well! thanks for sharing!

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