Stage6: The Dregs

Update: Stage6 shut down on March 1, 2008.

Once a Hero: just watching the credits — which ripped off several well-known comic book artists — made me queasy. My nausea was well-founded as I got less than five minutes into streaming it. My God! I don’t remember seeing this at all, but I must have. The trauma of its badness must have destroyed some neural connections. Consider that a warning! The original source seems to be VHS. Once a Hero wikipedia entry.

Dynaman: The Lizard of Oz. Apparently a spoof dubbing of a half-hour Power Rangers-like Japanese series. This might be worth getting for whatever humor value it might contain. (However, I bailed after a minute.) Original source is VHS. Dynaman wikipedia entry.

Other oddites — including five VHS-sourced episodes of Quark (which is available in better DVD here in the U.S.) — can be found here.

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