“The Bene Gesserit Witch Must Leave!”

Dune – Navigator Scene Redone

A lot of Dune fans were a little disappointed that the new Dune DVD had a few problems. The audio in the beginning was very off-synch, and some words were obviously dubbed over.

I decided to fix the scene in the beginning with the Emperor and the Navigator, (althouh sketchy between the two versions of footage) to show fans how it should have gone.

I love the Internet!

This is the future, so pay attention.

At some point the studios will release everything onto the Net. Taking Dune as an example, they will release all footage, all sound tracks, everything. You will be able to Build Your Own Dune.

And it will be like that for every movie that has unused footage.

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One Comment on ““The Bene Gesserit Witch Must Leave!””

  1. steveballmer Says:

    Reminds me of the main MS Campus Office complex

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