Weasels, Part One

McDonalds Manager Forces Teen To Give Blowjob

A prank caller posing as a police officer orders the manager to strip this 16 year old girl, and has her perform oral sex on the Manager’s fiance. The prankster posing as a cop said the girl stole something, and had the Manager and her fiance abuse the girl. The Manager and her fiance never suspected a thing (well, I’m sure the fiance did eventually, but was enjoying himself too much to stop).

This went on for over two hours. Two hours!

Someone nailed it for me in the YouTube comments:

How the fuck do these people remember to breathe in the morning?

Just remember: They can also vote this November.

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One Comment on “Weasels, Part One”

  1. Matt Says:

    This is beyond all earthly belief. If the idiots who complied with that lunatic voice over the phone are not candidates for euthanasia, I really don’t know who is. These are the kind of people who make up the Darwin Awards — here we’re just seeing them before their induction.


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