Why You Should Be On Veoh

Veoh Raising Another $40 Million?



1) Veoh allows just about unlimited-length video

2) Veoh has less crap than other services

3) The VeohTV app (PC and Mac!) makes video downloading easy

4) Downloads are of original source uploads (AVI up, AVI down)

5) It’s very easy to subscribe to users and series

6) Veoh has a deal with CBS and you can see news, sports, and TV series

7) Veoh’s new search engine is killer

8) Veoh is cheeky, embedding video from other video sites!

Like YouTube, Veoh also allows embedding in sites and blogs. Unfortunately, WordPress — the free service — hasn’t yet done the work on their end to make this possible. I’d be embedding Veoh video here, not just YouTube.

Go sign up at Veoh.

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