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Weasels, Part One

February 29, 2008

McDonalds Manager Forces Teen To Give Blowjob

A prank caller posing as a police officer orders the manager to strip this 16 year old girl, and has her perform oral sex on the Manager’s fiance. The prankster posing as a cop said the girl stole something, and had the Manager and her fiance abuse the girl. The Manager and her fiance never suspected a thing (well, I’m sure the fiance did eventually, but was enjoying himself too much to stop).

This went on for over two hours. Two hours!

Someone nailed it for me in the YouTube comments:

How the fuck do these people remember to breathe in the morning?

Just remember: They can also vote this November.

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Quote Of The Day: Martin Luther King, Jr.

Run To Stage6: It’s Still Up!

February 29, 2008

Update: Stage6 shut down on March 1, 2008.

Despite an announced shutdown date effective yesterday, Stage6 is still up and still available for downloading.

This is your last chance to grab the items I’ve highlighted this week:

Stage6: The Dregs
Stage6: Space Hospital
Stage6: Very Old Cartoons
Stage6: British Mysteries
Stage6: Star Fleet AKA X-Bomber
Stage6: New Captain Scarlet
Stage6: Century Of The Self
Stage6: Extremely Rare Double Deckers
Stage6: Rare Space:1999 Footage
Stage6: Star Cops
Stage6: Into Infinity
Stage6: Space Precinct

“The Bene Gesserit Witch Must Leave!”

February 28, 2008

Dune – Navigator Scene Redone

A lot of Dune fans were a little disappointed that the new Dune DVD had a few problems. The audio in the beginning was very off-synch, and some words were obviously dubbed over.

I decided to fix the scene in the beginning with the Emperor and the Navigator, (althouh sketchy between the two versions of footage) to show fans how it should have gone.

I love the Internet!

This is the future, so pay attention.

At some point the studios will release everything onto the Net. Taking Dune as an example, they will release all footage, all sound tracks, everything. You will be able to Build Your Own Dune.

And it will be like that for every movie that has unused footage.

Ralph Nader’s Big Birthday

February 28, 2008


Now, just a word of thanks.

Late Monday, we put out a call for donations to the campaign in honor of Ralph’s birthday.

We said that over the course of two days, we wanted to raise $50,000 from 500 of you.

And you came through with flying colors – we raised $56,663.32 from 767 of you.

Thank you for your dedication and generosity.

We printed all of your names out, included them in a giant birthday card, and presented it tonight to Ralph.

Happy Birthday Ralph!

What was raised for Nader isn’t even considered a rounding error by the three stooges mainstream sellouts corporate tools other candidates.

Nader picks running mate

(CNN) – Ralph Nader has selected a former San Francisco city official as his running mate in the presidential race.

Nader announced his selection of Matt Gonzalez, who served as a public defender and a member of the board of supervisors in San Francisco, at a news conference Wednesday.

Vote for leadership.



Vote Nader 2008 website

Exxon Can’t Hide

February 28, 2008

Exxon suxx. McCain duxx.

Nineteen goddamn years is enough. I’m sorry if you don’t like my language, but when I think about what they did to Paul Kompkoff, I’m in no mood to nicey-nice words.

Next month marks 19 years since the Exxon Valdez dumped its load of crude oil across the Prince William Sound, Alaska. A big gooeysmallalaksaoil.jpg load of this crude spilled over the lands of the Chenega Natives. Paul Kompkoff was a seal-hunter for the village. That is, until Exxon’s ship killed the seal and poisoned the rest of Chenega’s food supply.

While cameras rolled, Exxon executives promised they’d compensate everyone. Today, before the US Supreme Court, the big oil company’s lawyers argued that they shouldn’t have to pay Paul or other fishermen the damages ordered by the courts.

They can’t pay Paul anyway. He’s dead.

That was part of Exxon’s plan. They told me that. In 1990 and 1991, I worked for the Chenega and Chugach Natives of Alaska on trying to get Exxon to pay up to save the remote villages of the Sound. Exxon’s response was, “We can hold out in court until you’re all dead.”

Emphasis added by me.

Click to learn how to stop eating this shit.

– via Matthew St Amand

A New Episode Of Space Hospital!

February 28, 2008

I really needed something funny after the three previous posts today. I went a-Googling and found Space Hospital on YouTube!

Here’s an episode that doesn’t appear on Stage6, put up two weeks ago!

And, hallejulah! They are also already on Veoh! They also have a MySpace page. I hold accounts on both of those, so now I can contact them. It doesn’t seem they have a website or blog.

Oh My God, The Irony

February 28, 2008


If you read it fast (not mentally installing the obvious periods for “U.S.,”) it actually sounds like something he might have said: “Us is not…”

This from the man who gave us “Grecians” and “Put food on your family.”

I Iz In Ur Whyte Houz, Killin Yur Kuntree!

Oh. My. God.

February 28, 2008


I was in a waiting room while he was on TV. Closed-captioning was active.

My hair stood on end when he found the idea of $4/gallon gasoline incredible. “Well, I haven’t heard that,” I believe he said.

And that graphic? It’s from the Murdoch-owned Ra-Ra-Right Wing New York Post!

Now you know if they’re dumbfounded, we’re in deeper trouble than we imagined.

Update: Yeah, here’s that exchange about gas prices:

On one issue particularly worrisome to American consumers, there are indications that paying $4 for a gallon of gasoline is not out of the question once the summer driving season arrives. Asked about that, Bush said “That’s interesting. I hadn’t heard that. … I know it’s high now.”

I reiterate: Oh. My. God.


February 28, 2008

Long Island man killed girlfriend’s cat, wounded another, police say

A Long Island construction worker beat and squeezed his girlfriend’s two beloved cats – one to death – when they refused to play with him, cops said Tuesday.

The vicious attack by David Wrigley, 24, broke the sternum and every rib of his live-in lover’s 8-year-old tabby, Madeline. The other cat, a plump black kitty named Jynx, survived despite 13 broken ribs.

In a world under my rule, this guy would be dead. Right now.

(Yes, I know I’m voting for Nader and he would disagree. And your point is?)

Chantix Warning

February 27, 2008

Via email:

I thought I would give you an update on one of your recent postings. We discussed Chantix and mood swings. Although I have not changed my prescribing habits in regards to the drug — being careful to avoid people who are depressed — I thought it only fair to offer to you a few observations noted since our dialogue.

I have recently had 2 patients -both women- who attempted suicide after being started on the drug. Both had injuries that required hospitalization and one of the two required surgery to repair a severed artery and tendons. I was able to look back at their records and notice that indeed both of them had been placed on Chantix about one month before. Incidental note is made that both curtailed their nicotine habit. The cost however was catastrophic.

I would have sent this to your blog, but it would probably have gone unnoticed. And I have not been to your blog in a few weeks due to workload. You may feel free to use the above if you wish. However, again, I must state that Chantix, despite its history as noted above, is still a very good drug for smoking cessation. Screening is the order of the day for most patients.

This is a followup to something I noted earlier: Quitting Smoking Can Make You Die.