Greatest TV: The Prisoner

The greatest three minutes ever in TV:

No words, just the theme music. Framing, editing, pacing, just unsurpassed! Then the standard episode intro which gives the “backstory” (as those dopes in Hollywood call it) in the shortest and most dramatic manner.

And this is perhaps more relevant today than it was then:

Next, backwards, the omega then the alpha:

Another clip for these days:

From the 1960s. And decades later, TV has yet to match it.

Here’s McGoohan to tell it like it was:

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2 Comments on “Greatest TV: The Prisoner”

  1. Matt Says:

    A friend lent me the first season of The Prisoner. I’d not only never seen it before, I hadn’t heard of it. Where have I been? Anyhow, it was all quite starkly relevant to today’s inchoate police state. And you’re right, from a storytelling point of view, that opening sequence is excellent, wordless narrative.

  2. mikecane Says:

    There were only the seventeen episodes. Not even a proper full season (at least as measured by American TV standards back then).

    I missed it when it originally aired in the 1960s. Caught up to it when PBS put it on to spur fundraising in the 1980s. My God! What a revelation!

    And mind you, this was done in the *1960s*. Film was edited *by hand*, none of this transfer to tape or hard drive and then edit nonsense we have today. *By hand* — cut the film, and splice it together with *glue*. Today we have pushbutton editing and *nothing* so far has matched that opening.

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