Quarterlife Drops Dead On NBC

Quarterlife’s Brief Life on NBC

The NBC audience for the premiere was 3.9 million, such a pittance it was deemed a flop.

And they moved it off NBC to Bravo!


“Quarterlife” drew decent-size audiences for the web, about 6 million views in all since the launch, according to a Quarterlife spokeswoman. That’s across all the sites hosting it: MySpace, which promoted it on its front page, YouTube, where it had its own channel, and at quarterlife.com. The trouble is, those audiences in TV land are considered beyond paltry, especially given the total was over three months, not all in one night. The YouTube channel lists 100,543 views, with 2,970 subscribers and videos watched at 1,695; the latest MySpace video, episode 33, had been played 35,320 times by midday Feb. 28.

A sneak peek that aired on MTV the afternoon before the NBC premiere drew about 246,000 viewers, in line with its daytime audience. Whereas NBC looked at “Quarterlife’s” 3.9 million and saw a major drop off from its lead in, “Biggest Loser,” over at MTV, it was only off about 8,000 viewers from the show leading into it.

Any way you cut it, I think those are pretty rotten numbers. Consider that MySpace touts over one hundred million members — and less than ten percent bothered with it?

I didn’t even know Quarterlife had begun on MySpace. And I’m a MySpace member! The promotion was terrible.

Another serious flaw of the series was touting its “net awareness.” As I wrote here:

Look, movie makers, stop making movies with people sitting at keyboards and screens. Just stop it right now! None of that is exciting. I don’t care if you think you’re reflecting what you think is Real Life — why do I want to watch a movie where people are doing what I just did before entering the theater?!!?

That goes double for something I’m going to be watching at my PC screen! I’d rather watch something totally different than my environment — like Space Hospital!

Bringing Quarterlife to NBC is just another example of Jeff Zucker’s inability to lead a television network.

ARGGGGH!!! How do I kill this goddammed Internet?!!?

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