God Bless The S.A.S.!

What inspired that is this:

Chavez Orders Embassy Closed in Colombia

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) – President Hugo Chavez ordered Venezuela’s embassy in Colombia closed and told the military to send 10 battalions to the border after Colombian troops killed a top rebel leader.

Chavez told his defense minister: “move 10 battalions for me to the border with Colombia, immediately.” He ordered the Venezuelan Embassy in Bogota closed and said all embassy personnel would be withdrawn.

The announcements by Venezuela’s leftist leader pushed relations to their tensest point of his nine-year presidency, and Chavez warned that Colombia could spark a war in South America.

He called the U.S.-allied government in Bogota “a terrorist state” and labeled President Alvaro Uribe “a criminal.”

Chavez condemned the slaying of senior rebel commander Raul Reyes and 16 other members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, saying they were killed while they slept in a camp across the border in Ecuadorean territory.

I admit I know nothing of the politics here. It’s just that this action reminded me of the classic scene in the movie Patriot Games. I cited that on my old blog and pointed to a YouTube clip. The clip is apparently a victim of the DMCA.

Instead, here’s a brilliant clip from Who Dares Wins (aka The Final Option in the U.S.):

I then went looking for that Patriot Games clip by searching for SAS and came across a documentary of that S.A.S. raid on the terrorist-held Iranian Embassy in London from 1980! Here’s part one of seventeen!

Click on the Menu button, copy the URL, and go to YouTube itself to see the rest. Or click here for the entire video collection which includes a documentary about the formation of the S.A.S.. And remember, Firefox users: DownloadHelper is your friend.

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