BBC Three: Dawn Goes Lesbian


This is the official BBC Three description:

Journalist Dawn Porter investigates the world of lesbianism. Setting herself strict rules, she immerses herself in a world of women only, moving in with lesbian housemates in Soho and working in a busy lesbian bar. She also interviews experts on female sexuality, while a scientific probe that measures sexual responses provides some surprising results.

As this topic might be controversial for some people, I’ve placed everything else after the More.

Content not safe for work, Christians or other children.

I found this on Veoh.

My reaction was WTF?


It was only after watching it and doing some Googling that I found out Dawn Porter is an actual presenter on English TV (she also has a MySpace Page). Otherwise, I had no idea who she was or why she merited this program. Having no idea of her history, having never seen anything else with or by her, I came into this with no preconceptions.

Twenty-eight when this program was made, she’d already been involved in a menage-a-trois a few years back and was surprised to find she liked being with another woman. She wondered if she could awaken her lesbian side. To that end, she moved into a house occupied by three lesbians. The program recounts her adventure of saturating herself in the lesbian subculture for a month.

One of the experiences she undergoes is a scientific test to ascertain if she’s aroused by lesbian pornography.


The top line is her response to lesbian pornography versus the bottom line response to conventional male-female porn. As can be seen, her body actually reacted stronger. She claimed, however, not to be consciously aroused.

At one point, after failing to be hit on at lesbian bars, she turns to the Internet to hook up.



Yeah, that’s pretty sad.

She finds someone whose picture she likes and arranges to meet. The woman in question refuses to be filmed, so the date happens off-camera.

The entire date was a disaster that lasted only twenty minutes! “A new record,” Dawn noted.

There are scenes inside a lesbian strip club, talk of sex taking place in restroom stalls (also on a pink-felted pool table!), and Dawn stocking up on lesbian erotica (in the form of text-only stories) in a store specializing in lesbian interests.

One TV reviewer had this reaction to it:

[…] [L]et’s stop mincing our metaphors here. This was soft porn, masquerading as a documentary. It wasn’t interested in showing anything except the charms of its presenter.

Another stated:

Have you had enough of these stunt-driven shows? Would you prefer to see a return to television programmes presented by experts who can actually teach you something, rather than an amiable everywoman/man who might be fun down the pub but is otherwise an empty vessel?

And, yeah, basically that’s what it was: a stunt, a YouTube-like article.

If you want to judge for yourself, go to Veoh. The first five minutes can be viewed online. To see the entire program, the VeohTV application has to be downloaded. Then one of two things can be done: the program can be streamed or it can be downloaded (resulting in a ~716MB .AVI file!).

As this might be an unofficial placement on Veoh, act fast.

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10 Comments on “BBC Three: Dawn Goes Lesbian”

  1. d.s Says:

    dawn’s not a lesbian so whats she doing, when she wants men!! ur either gay or not u cant make urself a lesbian woteva u do!!! shes obviously straight in the lesbian clubs, im afraid!! she aint gonna feel sexy to women when she wants men. whetha she gives herself electric shocks or what stories she reads! you are what you are and thats it!! quite frankly sometimes shes takin the piss out of lesbians.
    when shes drunk could have been a woman or man in that situation as dawn said!
    think shes messing with catherines head which is not fair!!

  2. lauren Says:

    well i gotta say what she did wa god shes a hotty..i wunt mind livin in a house wiv her..even tho am straight i think..haha she shud pay me a visit n sort me out,,shithot xx

  3. david bamford Says:

    This fat cow is never off the TV. Today she was on Channel 4 hanging around with people that have multiple wives. I just sat and shouted at the tv what a fucking waste of time the show was.

  4. mikecane Says:

    Christ, is all the traffic for her to this blog — and it’s been a lot — been coming from the UK? I’ve been wondering all this time if her shows have been airing somewhere in the US! She hasn’t made any press here that I’ve tripped across.

  5. david bamford Says:

    Yeah cause if you google dawn porter lesbian your site is right up there!

  6. mikecane Says:

    My blog is on Google’s first page for several other things too, like Interster. I’m shocked that the Dawn post, done months ago, is suddenly so popular. The Internet is a weird place.

  7. Sara Says:

    I think Dawn is amazing, i love watching her programmes, and find everything she does so much more interesting than anything else i have ever watched on the same lines, she isnt afraid to do things that many other people wouldnt and i think that that is an amazing quality!!! She gives an insight into other peoples ways of life, something that other things rarely do,and she does it in a way that neither patronises nor takes the mick, she is genuinely interested in the topics she discusses,and she is more emotionally involved in all of it than anybody else has ever been. I think she is a great journalist, and i cant wait for the next set of programmes she makes.!!!

  8. Micky Says:

    The reason she gets such high rankings in google has nothing to do with her! There is a character on the US lesbian TV show L-Word named Bette Porter… so google is just picking up +porter +lesbian and thinking Dawn is somehow related to the popularity of Lword

  9. mikecane Says:

    @micky: Sorry, that’s just not so. In my Dashboard, she’s almost daily the top search term that leads people to this blog. And that’s as “dawn porter.”

  10. v Says:

    Does anyone know the test she was taking?

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