CloudBook Notes For March 3 2007

SlashGear shows a very interesting transparent cover for the CloudBook’s lid, called PhotoFair.

Over at the CloudBooker forum, there’s some grumbling about WiFi issues. It’s unclear if it’s hardware or software. Before I pull the trigger, I’d want this sorted out. It’d be no good to buy a machine for mobile blogging only to have it not maintain a connection to the Net! has their full-blown CloudBook review up. I didn’t like reading this bit:

Despite the issue of fan noise, the most troublesome issue we encountered during the test period was heat. While plugged in the bottom of the CloudBook reached temperatures of 126 degrees Fahrenheit (too hot for direct skin contact over an extended period). HDTune reported hard drive temperatures as hot as 56 degrees Celsius (133 degrees Fahrenheit). During our benchmarking tests (which stressed the system and generated more heat) the WiFi card inside the CloudBook would stop working after 30-45 minutes of use. The only way to get the WiFi card to start working again was to turn off the CloudBook and let it cool down for at least 10 minutes before restarting the system and connecting to the Internet again.

When a notebook overheats to the point that it stops working every 30-45 minutes you know there’s a serious problem. Below are images with the external temperatures listed in degrees Fahrenheit.

It makes me more interested in that hp 2133! (Which still needs a sexy new name!)

Over at switched, they’ve done a video showcasing the CloudBook and the Asus EeePC.

Two more CloudBook blogs: Everex Cloudbook UMPC (English) and CloudBook PC (Spanish).

Asus has shown off a next-generation EeePC with a larger screen and trackpad. Converting the 399-Euro price to our devalued American Dollar, results in a price near $600! Sorry, but that’s just too high! There’s also an EeePC coming with Windows XP pre-installed (are you listening to that, hp?).

And ultramobilelife teases all of us with this:

On Friday, I saw a brand new UMPC from a Taiwanese manufacterer being hurriedly packed up and shipped off to CeBIT. I can’t say which one yet, but stay tuned for pics and updates on new VIA based UMPCs as they are unveiled at CeBIT.

I’d like to see an unveiling from hp!

Finally, the CloudBook is back in stock online at

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