Big Man Marine Murders Helpless Puppy

I heard of this yesterday but only went looking today.

YouTube keeps deleting it. Here’s one they missed:

And if that is subject to Extraordinary Rendition and winds up in Google Guantanamo, the screensnaps that appear after the break damn well will not disappear.









My advice to this soldier: Put your gun in your mouth and pull the trigger.

You are a disgrace to this nation. You are a disgrace to the uniform. You are sick and should not live among decent people.


Shock: Marines Probe Graphic Video of Puppy Being Tossed Off Cliff in Iraq

Update: A second video YouTube has missed deleting:

Update 2: Additional information at this site and especially significantly more detail at Mahalo which includes screensnaps of a Bebo profile that has since gone Private.

Update 3: This Yahoo Answers page has revealing information. It turns out this is not the first sociopathic act by our troops in Iraq. Here are links someone posted there:

Soldiers blow up dog, find it funny
— do not use that link; the CNN page it links to is infected with a virus!

Soldiers, tormenting a dog…

blowing up a kitten and cheering

Soldiers killing civilians in front of their children
— do not use that link; the CNN page it links to is infected with a virus!

The person who posted these links asks:

Any idea why they hate us?

Update 4: Here’s another one YouTube missed:

It just gets worse every time I see it.

Update 5: Someone pointed out something I missed. The puppy’s front legs were secured together with a zip tie! Update: I have watched better copies of the video very carefully. I cannot see a zip-tie around its front legs. I think what people are mistaking for a tie in the lower-quality copies is actually some sort of discoloration on the puppy’s front paws.

Update 6: Neo-Cons Scramble To Downplay Shameful Puppy Video. This includes a link to an article that allegedly names the sociopathic puppy-killing bastard. I have avoided putting that name here because I’m mindful of what happened to Richard Jewell.

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4 Comments on “Big Man Marine Murders Helpless Puppy”

  1. Sasquatch1 Says:

    Somebody cut up the sick bastard when he gets out

  2. mikecane Says:

    Someone else shouldn’t have to pay the price for doing that. He needs to do the right thing himself.

  3. […] propaganda, Psy-ops, Puppy, Video |   I’ve looked at the video a few more times here:, and I think this may be a piece of Islamic fundamentalist propaganda. I believe it is a fake, […]

  4. steven price Says:

    fuck that piece of shit and any mother fucker who defends his sorry fucking ass

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