Fireball XL5: Directing By Alan Pattillo

I withdrew from confronting the world for a half hour to watch an episode of Fireball XL5:


Hit the link to see screensnaps of why Alan Pattillo was the greatest director of Supermarionation.

An old nemesis, the Lilispatians, have returned and are occupying a planet dubbed New Earth which is due for settlement by humans.

Space City doesn’t realize their man has been captured; up angle to convey his size.

Lilispatian eye-level shot; see the live-action boots!

Wonderful composition, showing depth of set! Notice the perspective!

Pattillo liked to get in close, as if it was live-action.

More beautiful framing.

Overhead shot — with marionettes!

Lilispatians deliver ultimatum; up angle to convey strength.

Beautiful downward pan …

… to this image and cut.

Look at the composition; the desk and console angles!

Zooney the LaZoon, a “giant” compared to the Lilispatians, saves the day.

The greatest director of Supermarionation.

The man who created Supermarionation.

Excellent photography by Struthers.

Nope, this wasn’t a “Double Alan” episode.

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2 Comments on “Fireball XL5: Directing By Alan Pattillo”

  1. Jay Mullins Says:

    Hi Mike,

    My name’s Jay Mullins and I’m part of the committee for Fanderson, the Official Gerry Anderson Appreciaition Society.

    I’m writing an article about the Stingray episode ‘Stand By For Action for our club magazine FAB. This episode was also directed by Alan Pattillo and I was wondering if it would be ok for me to reference some of your general comments about his style / techniques that you made on the Fireball story ‘Space Immigrants’ ? I totally understand if not, it’s just you make some very insightful points and I think they apply pretty well to the Stingray episode as well.

    Many thanks,


  2. mikecane Says:

    Go ahead and use whatever you want. I just hope you’ll provide a link to the post too.

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