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Final One More Chance

March 6, 2008

I’m not feeling up to giving the answers to the test tonight.

So you have one more chance.

As for me, I have a painkiller and antibiotic waiting for me.

Which I will surely need while watching that documentary Matt St. Amand recommended.

Courage, Revisited

March 6, 2008


Revisit #1:
the rarest of all things on earth

Moral courage is the rarest of all the rare things of this earth.

Revisit #2:
The Fear Of Embarrassment Is A Powerful Influence

The other day I read an amazing statistic? It said that as many as half the people who end up divorced had a strong feeling before the wedding that they were doing the wrong thing but they were too embarrassed to pull out at the last minute. The fear of embarrassment is a powerful influence in the lives of most people.

Previously here:

Quote Of The Day: Martin Luther King, Jr.
Harlan Ellison

Imported Monster

March 6, 2008

73-year-old woman raped by an illegal immigrant from Guatemala

The last time JD saw Cuy Xum, now a 23-year-old, was after midnight July 17, 2005, when he broke into the Willow Arms Apartments for the elderly on Main Street.

Cuy Xum walked down a hallway and found the wheelchair-bound woman’s door unlocked. He walked in, found JD in her bedroom and punched her in the head before raping her. After the attack, Cuy Xum rifled the apartment and took some of her belongings. As he left, he grabbed JD’s little dog and threw it against a wall.

And how has your day been?

Blog Notes: Meet My Ass

March 6, 2008


Death Threats, Intimidation, and Blogging

Recounts how two popular bloggers have thrown in the towel.

Kathy Sierra did excellent stuff and was subjected to the most disgusting harassment I’ve seen on the web. What made it disgusting-squared is that it was done by people well-known in that circle-jerking Techmeme self-described “A-list” crowd of scum. These weren’t mentally-retarded pre-sociopathic teenagers. These were alleged adults.

And now a second blogger is giving up because of the frictional feedback his opinions have generated and the impact it’s having on people he knows.

Anyone who thinks that sort of crap will ever shut me up, three words: Meet my ass.


Now kiss it.

AllPeers: Why Not Charge Us?!

March 6, 2008

Why not a subscription fee? Or something? Come baaaaaaack!

The Little Man That Could!

2Peer Is No AllPeers, Dammit

March 6, 2008

Someone in the Comments suggested a substitute for the now-dead and already-much-missed AllPeers, called 2Peer.


I asked an expert in P2P to give his opinion. He loaded it, tried it, and basically cleared it.

I just now myself OKed the comment to post here (I was holding it until 2Peer got an all-clear).

I’ve just loaded and tried 2Peer.

Let’s just say I’m not in love with it.

It sits in the Taskbar and right-clicking gives a stingy two options: Open 2Peer, Exit.

Open 2Peer launches Internet Explorer. Yecch! I want it to use Firefox — but I want it to do so without having to set Firefox as my default browser in XP.

Once open, and logged in, it doesn’t use a side pane like AllPeers did. It wants a full freaking tab!

There’s no Chat.

I couldn’t get Settings to work (it asked me to download 2Peer first — duh!).

I couldn’t access Preferences.

You lot doing 2Peer, how’s this for a proposition? Why not just dump this and buy AllPeers?


Blog Notes: Possible Curtailment Today

March 6, 2008

My sinus infection refuses to clear out without being forcibly evicted. I woke up after just two hours of sleep last night in some pain. I can’t have that happen again. I’ll be out soon seeking an antibiotic and a painkiller. This will probably eat up several hours of blogging time.

Meanwhile, I was ecstatic to find this search result led people to this blog: alan pattillo. I hope they saw this post.

It pleases me greatly when non-tech search results bring people here.