2Peer Is No AllPeers, Dammit

Someone in the Comments suggested a substitute for the now-dead and already-much-missed AllPeers, called 2Peer.


I asked an expert in P2P to give his opinion. He loaded it, tried it, and basically cleared it.

I just now myself OKed the comment to post here (I was holding it until 2Peer got an all-clear).

I’ve just loaded and tried 2Peer.

Let’s just say I’m not in love with it.

It sits in the Taskbar and right-clicking gives a stingy two options: Open 2Peer, Exit.

Open 2Peer launches Internet Explorer. Yecch! I want it to use Firefox — but I want it to do so without having to set Firefox as my default browser in XP.

Once open, and logged in, it doesn’t use a side pane like AllPeers did. It wants a full freaking tab!

There’s no Chat.

I couldn’t get Settings to work (it asked me to download 2Peer first — duh!).

I couldn’t access Preferences.

You lot doing 2Peer, how’s this for a proposition? Why not just dump this and buy AllPeers?

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7 Comments on “2Peer Is No AllPeers, Dammit”

  1. sharky Says:

    I didn’t particularly like how the “software” aspect to 2Peers makes itself start up with Windows. Anything that pisses off my firewall, usually does the same to me. Such a service shouldn’t require security modifications on the host computer – this is browser-based sharing/networking, not a P2P program.

    I’ve always been a little skeptical of any service that is “www” based – how does one really ever know who’s watching through the two-way mirror. I’d much prefer a rock-solid F2F program with key features including encryption, SSH or ‘tunneling’ (VPN) services.

  2. jolo Says:

    Mike, thanks for the report and for getting your friend to look at it first – responsible blogging is refreshing!

    2Peer is clearly a different utility and can’t be compared directly to AllPeers, another learning curve — but that’s the way it goes when a start-up fails…

    Everything seems to be working for me, you should contact them for support. I had a few questions before I installed it so I sent them a note and they got back to pretty quickly! J

    Sharky – Mike did say that his friend was a P2P expert and that’s good enough for me. Most software that runs as a “utility” launches upon start-up in Windows, and if you’re sharing files, don’t you want it running so they can access them? I see that as a plus! I think the software that you download uses the browser for the interface (which is different) and so you are correct that “this is browser-based sharing/networking” but I don’t believe it is “www” based.

    I have a pretty serious firewall setup and it’s not complaining for me, I asked them if I might have firewall issues and, in response to my email, they did say that it should work fine as they use a Proxy server, and it seems they were right.

    Anyway, 2Peer is Free and has more/different features than AllPeers and the verdict is still out but I think I like it — it does the job for me.

  3. mikecane Says:

    For my part, I deleted 2Peer this morning.

    If something doesn’t work right away, I tend not to give it the benefit of the doubt.

    AllPeers, while not strictly intuitive, didn’t have too large a learning curve and its features and the way it did things were exactly what I needed.

    2Peer has no chat, takes a full browser tab, insinuates itself into the XP startup routine, and wouldn’t exit when I right-clicked on its taskbar icon and then clicked on Exit.

    When others can get their programs to be trouble-free from the get-go, why should I waste time wrestling with programs that can’t?

  4. EDWARD Says:

    Hi, I just tried 2peer, now in 2009 and seems to be ok and seems to have improved from the things you mention here, all is working for me and seems intuitive blabla, I think you might wanna try again and correct this post if it works this time for you, cause you seem to be just ranting and making no real comparison etc etc, maybe the first experience was bad and all I understand but try again and do a correct comparison, and yes Allpeers should be back…sniff..

  5. mikecane Says:

    >>>cause you seem to be just ranting and making no real comparison

    Did you read this bit:

    >>> This entry was posted on March 6, 2008

    This blog is dead and aside from fixing up links that have gone dead from time to time, I won’t be doing updating. The blog is dead. Plus, my network of people has changed and I no longer need what AllPeers provided.

  6. roger Says:

    does 2peer work behind draconian firewalls?

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