Blog Notes: Meet My Ass


Death Threats, Intimidation, and Blogging

Recounts how two popular bloggers have thrown in the towel.

Kathy Sierra did excellent stuff and was subjected to the most disgusting harassment I’ve seen on the web. What made it disgusting-squared is that it was done by people well-known in that circle-jerking Techmeme self-described “A-list” crowd of scum. These weren’t mentally-retarded pre-sociopathic teenagers. These were alleged adults.

And now a second blogger is giving up because of the frictional feedback his opinions have generated and the impact it’s having on people he knows.

Anyone who thinks that sort of crap will ever shut me up, three words: Meet my ass.


Now kiss it.

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One Comment on “Blog Notes: Meet My Ass”

  1. SagRahslugs Says:

    Thanks the author!

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