The Franklin Credit Union Sex Scandal

The indefatigable Matthew St. Amand mentioned it in the Comments to my post about Masha.

Last night I watched the documentary, Conspiracy of Silence, available here via this twisty menu route:


If that’s too small to see: Mystery -> Conspiracy Theories -> A-M -> Conspiracy of Silence

I found it … difficult to believe. I also find the alleged history behind it difficult to believe:

In 1993 the Yorkshire Television Group sent a small team to Omaha, Nebraska to investigate what was left of the Franklin Case. After spending nearly a year in Omaha collecting footage and interviews, the crew felt they had a documentary that may even win awards. With nearly half a million dollars spent on production, Conspiracy of Silence was set to shatter the silence that had shrouded the case.

In May of 1994 when the ground-breaking documentary was scheduled to air thousands tuned in to find that once again the powers that be had silenced the Franklin story. Later DeCamp was told that cable companies had struck a deal with Congress to not impede on their programming if they pulled Conspiracy of Silence. An unknown purchaser bought all of the copies of the program, and reimbursed Yorkshire Television the production costs. But not all copies were destroyed. In 1995 John DeCamp received a cutting room copy of the documentary.

The documentary copy online is indeed a workprint copy, with various missing sections filled in by a title card and the Yorkshire Television logo (yes, I do know the logo!):


That’s a salient detail in its favor.

And yet the documentary ends abruptly, unfinished. It lacks titles and credits. On-screen titles that identify people seem to have been added to the print later on by another party.

Of course, I hate a mystery. So I’ve emailed Yorkshire Television about this. I hope I will get a reply. Since they probably get hundreds of inquiries per day about many other subjects, this will probably take some time.

Today I read The Franklin Case In-Depth Report. It provided additional details that weren’t mentioned in the aborted(?) documentary. (It’s marred by several strange typos; but I didn’t let that stop me.)

I then went on to read The Gunderson Report: Child Sexual Abuse. It is long long long. And if I thought the previous account of the Franklin case was shocking, this one is downright incredible. It links the Franklin case to a worldwide Satanic ritual cult, CIA mind-control experiments, Iran-Contra, and global trafficking in children for sexual purposes. As if the original Franklin case wasn’t shocking enough, this report states that it’s only the tip of a shadow trade none of us could ever believe exist.

For more on the alleged CIA connection and connection to Franklin, turn to this story about Craig Spence: Stirring the White House honey pot. For confirmation of Craig Spence being a mystery, see this Time magazine piece: Washington’s Man from Nowhere.

The New York Times coverage of the Franklin story:

A Lurid, Mysterious Scandal Begins Taking Shape in Omaha

Nebraska Inquiry Is Given File on Sex Abuse of Foster Children

Trial Is Delayed in Omaha Scandal

Omaha Grand Jury Sees Hoax in Lurid Tales

Omaha Tales of Sexual Abuse Ruled False

Which seems to effectively sweep it under the rug. Except.

America’s Most Wanted did a story about a famous child disappearance: John “Johnny” David Gosch. It ties the disappearance of this kid back into Franklin (and therefore back into Spence in D.C.) and back into a clandestine and highly-organized pedophilia ring of unimaginable proportions.

Here at Archive for the ‘Franklin Credit Union’ Category at Conservative Babylon blog, even more names are implicated in the scandal, further enhancing its credibility. Or incredibility, because even the writer there pauses to note:

Hang in there. It gets weirder.

And later on asks:

Is your head spinning yet?

But the very idea of predatory homosexual pedophiles in high places isn’t exactly new. Here’s a reminder about the case of Congressman Mark Foley.

How much of any of this do I believe? I just don’t know.

Seven years ago, if you had told me it would be possible to simply pick people off the street, stick them in a jet, and fly them off to different countries, defying all laws against that, I would have laughed at you.

Now our government has been doing Extraordinary Rendition.

It really, really makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

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4 Comments on “The Franklin Credit Union Sex Scandal”

  1. Keith Richard Radford Jr Says:

    Weirder is a good prophecy. Facts are fact and if there is anything we can be sure of is that the people responsible for this has used falsification and deception as the order of the day. Use of policy enforced as law destroying lives. Anyone like that will not hesitate to stab one other in the back to justify their inclusion in such a scheme to defraud so many. It really is time to get one of those blinky things and erase the last administrations dominance by men in black. The torture of sex offenders is outside the law and until people can come to grips with the fact we already have to many laws on the books about sex, we will continue to move toward tech junk that will arrest us after buying it for not paying fast enough after it took our job, home, wife, car, making the law maker rich and charging people who pay taxes to house them squeezing us from both sides to destroy the middle……..class…y huh?

  2. Maxine Says:

    Are you being serious? You sound dubious, as if you “just don’t know,” and gosh, what should you think of all of this?

    Wake up. If you want to be a writer here in the blogosphere, then be a good one. We don’t need your content.

    Would you really be surprised to find that some of our government officials might be corrupt? Might be–gasp!!- pedophiles? My friend, people of power are often the most corrupt people imaginable. Study your history.

    Here’s a reporters tip for you: Google how many children–right now at this very minute–have been abducted and sold into the sex slave industry. Be brave! Once you do a little research, write an article about it. Not the pansy-assed little article you just wrote about Johny Gosch. But an article that comes from concern and knowledge and knowing.

    Right now someone’s abducted little girl is bending over for a middle aged fat piece of crap in some junk house somewhere. Someone’s 10-year-old boy is drugged and being abused by yet another fat peice of crap in another city. The world just goes on, popping open their bottles of expensive wine, driving to work and they turn the other cheek. They turn the other cheek until it’s their neighbor or god forbid–their own child is the one who is missing.

    Wake up America!

    Our children, our most precious commodity, the future of this world–are being abducted, drugged and raped by wayward and sexually devious men who number in the millions. It is time to step up, be heard and stop this from continuing.

    Without your voice, these children are doomed.

  3. mikecane Says:

    >>>Wake up. If you want to be a writer here in the blogosphere, then be a good one. We don’t need your content.

    Well fuck you. I don’t need asswipe shithead smug fucking so-called readers like you. Now fuck off.

    • Brendan Mcfadden Says:

      That’s showin’ ’em mike. I think the reason these rubes are attacking you is because they watched the documentary on youtube, got super pissed off, and now their emotions have overwhelmed their capacity to think critically and skeptically, happens all the time.

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