Blog Notes: WordPress Burped

Some of you saw a rough draft of a post that wasn’t yet ready to be published.

WordPress burped on me and I thought the draft had been deleted.

Surprise on me! It was actually published!

Well, I deleted the draft. The final post is right below this.

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4 Comments on “Blog Notes: WordPress Burped”

  1. Alex Bosco Says:

    Well Mike, that’s what happens when you go through years of publishers rejecting your work. When one finally got published, it wasn’t even ready for primetime!

  2. mikecane Says:

    Eejit child. I’ve been published. Why aren’t you in school anyway? Playing iPhone hooky again, I bet. And probably driving around in a new car too. (Don’t tell me it’s Saturday. You kids always use that as an excuse!)

  3. Alex Bosco Says:

    Oh, I know you’ve been published – just not in this century! And of course I’m driving the same car, and I’m now a junior mechanical engineering major, so I take time to read your nonsense in between work binges. How’s the Lifedrive treating you? *snicker* Probably gets the same amount of use as the S320!

  4. mikecane Says:

    >>>read your nonsense

    Oh so you admit to being a stalker. VoR unmasked at last!

    >>>How’s the Lifedrive treating you? *snicker* Probably gets the same amount of use as the S320!

    Hello no. I didn’t *dread* picking up the S320. It easily got 10x more use than the piece of shit LifeDrive. It never gave me *fifty percent* Graffiti errors!

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