The Answer To The Test

That’s this test.

Correct answer after the break.

Warning: Very disturbing image on next page.

Warning: Two very disturbing images on next page.

It was Matthew St. Amand who sent me to the second video, with the kid “addicted” to MySpace. We have different viewpoints regarding it.

The video I presented first, with the kid being led to believe he is receiving an Xbox as a Christmas present, I came across on my own.

Both videos are depictions of cruelty.

Video 1:

In the first one, the child is betrayed by his own parents. A child is supposed to be able to count on his or her parents as the one haven where duplicity, cruelty, and teasing are absent.

Video 2:

In the second one, the teasing is organized and premeditated for the amusement of the teenagers. I have to wonder if they were all cruelly teased when they were younger and so think nothing of duplicating that behavior towards others.

There is a line in the second video that is key for understanding disputes between people: “How would you like it if …”

If you ever encounter a dispute and one of the parties utters that sentence, that’s the red flag that points out who lacks power in the situation and who is being victimized.

Bullies never have to use the phrase, “How would you like it if …”

It seems it’s not enough for human beings to torment and emotionally shred one another. I thought the video of the Marine in Iraq tossing the bound and helpless puppy into an abyss was bad.

There is worse.

I came across two videos of such horror that I could not view more than a few seconds of each. I found both on a site I tripped on while link-hopping the other day. It’s one of those sites that specializes in showing unusual — sometimes disturbing, sometimes humorous — pictures and videos. I won’t name the site.

There were two videos. Surprisingly, when I went back yesterday to capture a screensnap of each for this post, I discovered that the second video had been deleted. Apparently even on a site such as that, some things are out of bounds. But not everything.


The above image is real, even though it looks fake. The online source video is FLV and sometimes screensnaps have a faked appearance. (For reference, see the awful quality of the FLV screensnap from the Sergeant York movie here.)

I’ve cropped the screensnap to excise the bug that would identify the hosting website.

The rabbit is real. It’s alive. It had apparently already been crippled prior to the video’s start and so appears lifeless, even fake, on screen.

But I saw the video. I saw the rabbit try to flee.

I didn’t know rabbits could vocalize. The cry it made will haunt me to my grave.

There was a second video. With the same foot. This time it was on a puppy. That video was deleted.


It turns out I had made a screensnap at the time. Here it is:


You can’t tell from the screensnap, but those are stiletto high heels. The puppy is real, alive.

How is it we can recognize the Iraq puppy video and that rabbit video as cruelty, but some people have trouble seeing cruelty when it involves emotions?

[…] a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit

Proverbs 15:4

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2 Comments on “The Answer To The Test”

  1. magus71 Says:

    I did know rabbits could vocalize.
    You said that you saw the rabbit try to get away, but you did not see the dog in the puppy-throwing video try to get away. It doesn’t move. I don’t see it. If I did, I would say so. The movement I see if from the motion of the arm. I have no adgenda, other to show people that this doesn’t prove a darn thing about our troops or the legality, or sensibity of the Iraq War. And it most certainly doesn’t indicate that America, the greatest nation that has ever existed, is evil.

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