Apple And eBooks: Why The Delay

I don’t know how long it took amazon to wrangle up the dinosaur print publishers it did to participate in its Kindle eBook Store.

Apple would have to go about that too.

And just today I came across this Big DRM WTF that involves public libraries:

With regular books, once a library has purchased the book, it can lend it to other libraries to pass on to patrons with no problem, but thanks to the restrictions placed on ebooks, such things are not allowed. So if a library wants to do an inter-library loan on an ebook, it’s forced to print out the ebook, scan it back into a computer and then send the scanned copy to another library.

Emphasis added by me.

I’m certain that if Apple were to go into ebooks, it would be done in a big, big way. So I have to think that sort of DRM FAIL is something Apple has been considering. And that could account for the strange delay in Apple doing ebooks through The iTunes Store.

Apple has two criteria for doing things:

1) It must change the world

2) It must be done right

So far, all other ebook efforts have not done that (sorry, Sony!).

Update: I left out the source link. It’s in now. Apologies.

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